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wood panelled floor restoration

Dust free sanding, wooden floor restoration & maintenance 

Have your wooden floors looking new again without any dust, smell or mess!
“No hassle” wooden floor renovation, backed by real guarantees.


  • Dust free and low noise technology

  • ​Minimizes disruption​

  • 24/7 Out of hours service

  • 2 years warranty

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Odourless lacquers & oils

We also provide free advice and free quotes.
Call your local office:

Perth Office 01738 551595 

Edinburgh Office 01312 853707

Dundee Office 01382 339629​ 
Glasgow Office 01413 780141 

Citrus dust free sanding and floor treatment programme

As Bona certified contractors, Citrus offers three grades of restoration and maintenance, for both commercial and domestic floors, which  provides the best and most cost effective solutions to wood floor restoration in Scotland.

The Citrus Bronze, Silver and Gold wood floor restoration programme, is a bespoke restoration treatment, to restore both solid wood and engineered boards.


The recommended treatment is determined by the floors current condition and how they have been finished in the past.

Simply fill out the form on the link below, to request your free, no obligation survey and written quote for your consideration.


Deep clean and protect


Light sand and re-coat


Full sand and resurface

How will the programme save you money over the lifetime of the floor ?

By adhering to our expert maintenance recommendations, your floors will be correctly maintained at appropriate intervals, prolonging the time between full Gold level treatments or the capital expense of replacement. It will also ensure the surface remains in excellent condition - looking good for as long as possible between treatments.

Gold level treatment normally represents between two and four days of floor downtime. The installation of a new floor may take a week or more. Our Bronze and Silver treatments can be completed in a few hours or over night. Adhering to the recommended schedule will therefore significantly reduce the periods of disruption, downtime and lost revenue.

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