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Amtico stripping & redressing

​If you are looking for a professional Amtico Restoration service in Scotland, you have come to the right place. Our team at Citrus™ has been providing professional floor care services for over ten years and can offer you outstanding results. 

When Citrus™ restores your floors you will be amazed at the results they will achieve. From the moment you invite Citrus into your premises, You will find we treat you and your furnishings with respect. Our technicians are not only trained to national and international standards, they are also taught how to treat you with courtesy.  All this will provide you with a unique and unrivalled experience, with the purpose of not only meeting, but exceeding your expectations.


For minimum disruption to your business Citrus offers a 24/7 out of hours service using the latest high powered air moving equipment which reduces drying times to a minimum. We pride ourselves in providing the most environmentally friendly odourless cleaning solutions minimizing risk to staff customers & employees. You can also be reassured that before commencing any cleaning in your premises, Citrus staff take great care in protecting all skirting and surfaces from any splash damage with the appropriate wraps, shields & guards.

Amtico stripping and redressing is a medium term solution to floor restoration, because by its very nature you are applying sacrificial layer of polish to the floor. After cleaning and stripping the old layer of polish off the floor a new dressing is applied. This sacrificial polish will dull and wear over time and will need to be topped up and maintained. A more permanent solution is to clean and strip the floors and then add new polyurethane wear layer to the floor in the form of Dr Shutz clear PU.

This restoration method is endorsed by Amtico because it gives a more permanent solution to Maintaining your Amtico floors lustre.
Check our Floor Remake Page for more information

Amtico Repair

Don’t wait till your floors are so bad, thinking Amtico Stripping & Redressing has to be a capital expense that needs to be delayed until absolutely necessary. Keep your floors looking their best all the time with a Citrus Maintenance Contract, which will half the cost of a one off clean and spread the cost of maintenance cleans and annual deep cleans over the year, allowing you and your customers to appreciate beautifully clean floors all year round. ​

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