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Engineered board floor restoration

If you are lucky enough to own an engineered hard wood floor and it is not looking it’s best your restoration options are enormous and you have come to the right place as we have specialist equipment designed to remove as little stock from your engineered board veneer.

Unlike traditional drum sanders that can in the wrong hands or with a minor mistake eat through the top veneer of your engineered wooden floor. The Pallmann Spider is designed around a rotary machine with three contra rotating heads which make it virtually impossible to to take a chunk out of the floor.

We also provide free advice and free quotes.
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With the knowledge that we can sand and restore your engineered floor without damaging it you have the option to completely change its colour of your floor, from Scandinavian shades of white to shades of black and every shade of brown in between.

You then have the options of oil or lacquer and sheen levels from double mat to gloss.

If you would like a totally natural look we can use specialist primers that can off set the darkening colour caused by the application of both clear oils and lacquers.
Feel free to discuss any or all of your options by contacting your local expert.

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