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Pine floor restoration
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Pine floor restoration 

If you are lucky enough to own  a pre-sixties home with floorboards and you have just lifted the carpets to find some badly damaged old pine floorboards and are asking yourself any of the following questions, you have come to the right place.

  • Are my  pine floor boards too bad to restore? 

  • Should I just cover these floorboards up as they look too bad to repair?

  • Can this thick dark varnish around the edge of the room ever be removed without leaving a permanent stain ?

  • Can these colour difference in the wood were previous owners have had runners up the stairs ever be removed?

  • My floor is full of nails and staples will these all need to be removed before the floor is restored ?

  • Many of my floor boards have big splits in them and are loose, is it worth getting anyone out to have a look?

  • There are a number of boards riddled with old wood worm, can you get replacement boards to match?

  • Can someone make a silk purse out of this soars ear?

Well we don’t claim to be able to do the silk purse trick, but I think you would agree we have restored some pretty bad pine floors back to their former glory.
Give your local branch of Citrus a call our experts will be happy to discuss your floors potential.

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