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Antislip Solution for every type of floor

Protect yourself from damages

Slip and trips are a major hazard for health and safety in the UK and throughout the world.It is clear requirement of the UK law that floors services must not present risk to health. In every legal case brought to a UK Court a lower risk classification has been a key point of interest in determining whether a surface is safe or slippery.Dr. Schutz antislip solutions meet and exceed the HSE standards of low risk in both wet and dry. 

Get your Floor Protected

Over 45 million square metres worldwide have been protected with Dr. Schutz finishes, creating a safer environment for all. On any surface and in every type of project Citrus Floor Care offer solutions that will protect you and your business from slip injuries.Dr. Schutz antislip look good, last long, feel safe.Learn more about the antislip solutions under


Make slip accidents a thing of the past!

Quick Fix Antislip

Quick safety - easy to use 


Quick fix antislip is an all new ready to use finish that represents a revolution in quickly fixing slip issues in the short term.Quick fix antislip dries and cures extremely quickly making it ideal for environment which can afford only little or no down time such as pubs, restaurants etc.

Meet maximum safety requirements


Meet and exceed HSE slip resistance guidelinesIdeal for areas with a very high slip risk such as ramps and kitchen floors.  It meets and exceeds the HSE slip resistance guidelines of low risk for floors.Dr. Schutz R11 antislip ensures a nonslip surface and fulfils the stricter  health and safety requirements of BS-7976-2.

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