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Red Couches
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Floor repairs

Loose boards


Loose boards can easily be be secured. However, in order to ensure that we are not screwing into pipes or wires, all boards need to be lifted before screwing down


Splits and cracks

It depends on how bad the floors are damaged, as to what course of action is adopted. Filling is an option, however more sever damage may require board replacement.


Gaps and holes


When restoring pine floor boards expansion gaps are not normal filled, just cleaned. However, if there is an issue with draft gaps and holes less than 3 mm can be filled with Bona mix and fill using the dust from the 80 grit sanding. Any larger gaps will need to be filled with a two part filler or a matching coloured Bona gap master.

Holes from old radiators or from where knots have fallen out can be filled with a wooden plug and filled with mix and fill.


Exposed screws

As long as the screw heads are not damaged we can remove and counter sink them before replacing them and filling over them


Badly cut hatches

If the hatch is still in use the hatches can be recut and the boards can be replaced with new board. If however the hatch is no longer in use and you are looking for near perfection, we can use new or reclaimed boards to remove the hatch completely, alternatively we can use mix and fill to disguise the hatch while retaining the floors history and character.


Cupping and Crowning


Cupping and crowning can be simply removed by using a diagonal cut on the first deepest cut with a drum sander.


Removing old hearths and replacing boards


Old hearths can be removed by power drilling the concrete away, then staggering the replacement the boards to successfully disguise the whereabouts of the old hearth and using a stain if and when required

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