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And this is how it’s done?

Coloured or transparent – Can be applied universally on PVC, linoleum, rubber, epoxy, PU as well as on many wood floors.

old stained flooring

1) The initial situation
Heavy wear makes floor unsightly, the surface scratched and thereby susceptible to dirt and bacteria.

applying coloured coating to old flooring

2) Lacquering the edge areasAfter an intensive strip-cleaning the floor can be coated either with a coloured or a transparent lacquer, according to your wishes.

applying coloured coating to old flooring

3) Lacquering the floor completely

After coating the edge areas, the entire floor is lacquered. You design it with a colour of your choice.

finished flooring with coloured coating

4) On-top-sealer provides optimal protection

After lacquering, a transparent on-top-PU sealer is applied for the protection of the floor.

Floor up-cycling 

Tear out floors? There is another way!


Whether it is an assembly hall, caféteria or foyer – with floor remake rooms are modernised, refashioned and shine in a new design. All this without having to lay a new floor.

​Cost savings & value of the new surface

Floor Up-Cycling

Facilitates the renovation of old floors, either refreshed with a new transparent wear layer, or given a completely new design. The surface is protected, joints are hermetically sealed and the floor is resistant against dyes and chemicals. 

Diagram showing resurfacing of flooring
Before and after images
  • 50% cheaper than a newly laid floor

  • Day-to-day cleaning becomes noticeably easier and less expensive

  • Attractive and modern look, in colour or transparent, according to your choice

  • High resistance to chemicals and disinfectants compliant with DIN 68861​

  • Effevtive long-term protection against wear and abrasion

  • Especially hygienic due to sealed joints, which prevent bacteria forming

  • Slip-resistant (available at level R 9, R10 or R 11 compliant with DIN 51130) and fire re-sistance classified(EN 13501-1)

  • Suitable for chairs with castors compliant with DIN 14085 and suitable for wet areas (compliant with DIN 51097)

ral classic clour chart
Design Collection

You have the choice between an almost limitless number of RAL and other colours and hues, from which you can decide on your favourite colour, or on a combination of several colours. For example, how about working defined borders in complementary colours into the look of your newly designed floor? Or even what about working attractive patterns and surfaces into the centre of the room? With PU Colour nurseries and schools become multi-coloured play-areas generating a positive spirit where young and old feel very content. Companies and retailers are discovering the possibilities of setting trends, of dividing and enclosing individual areas and creating clear lines with the coloured design of floor areas. Or very high-class: Unicolour with an ultra-matt finish. There are no limits to your imaginative ideas – with PU Colour from Dr. Schutz just about every floor can be newly designed.

One can apply coloured flakes from a choice of eight basic colours applied to your chosen base colour.
The flakes can be added separately or in combination and are available in the following colours:

  • White 

  • Yellow 

  • Red 

  • Green 

  • Orange 

  • Light Blue 

  • Dark Blue 

  • Black 

coloured flakes added to floor finish
add design elements into your floor
Icons & logos


With practical and creative icons and symbols you guide your visitors intuitively through the building. Applying a logo also makes sure that visitors and staff perceive you better, creating a binding connection.Citrus FloorCare with the Dr. Schutz foil technique numerous pictorial motifs can be transferred onto the floor quite simply and then protected sustainably with a PU Sealer.

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