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Wood floor sanding, filling and lacquering

Wood floor sanded, filled, primed and lacquered in Crieff

There was a 1cm wide minor gap on two boards that needed repairing, that historically had been left there by the owner to accumulate dirt and dust. Rather than fill the gap with dust and filler or replace the two boards, the compromise was to do a repair by cutting matching wood to size and glueing it in place. This junker style floor was badly worn and looking sorry for itself. We came in and sanded the floor back making the necessary repairs and filled the floor accordingly. Going through the grits from 40, 60, 80, 100 finishing at 120, we levelled and smoothed the floor taking out all scratches and imperfections. The floor was then primed, and the first coat of lacquer was applied. We returned the following day to de-nib the floor removing any imperfections to the lacquer before applying the final coat, leaving the customer with a beautiful floor as you can see in the photos.

Wood Floor Sanding & Lacquering (Before and after photographs)


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