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Floor Sanding Pine Floors In Stanley,Near Perth, Perthshire, Before & Afters

We had the privilege of restoring uncovered pine flooring in a cottage in the heart of Stanley, Perthshire. As you can see from the photos the floors where in various states of repair, with old wood worm in patches, some replacement boards ,a mid brown lacquered part, some very bad old filling & the remainder of the old boards covered in a tar like bitumen. We took the opportunity on this floor sanding restoration to try out some new to us, 16 grit drum sanding pads that seamed to work pretty well. Historically we have started sanding at 24 grit. However, the black tar like substance that is usually restricted to the margins of old pine floors was quite extensive across the whole of the floor in parts. This product when heated as part of the sanding process, can melt forming a toffee like substance that clogs up and dramatically reduces the life of the sanding pads. Although adding another stage to the process the 16 grit pads proved to be successful, removing the top layer without too much clogging.

Because of our clients concerns with the reduced lighting experienced within the cottage they choose one of our lighter stains, that being Morrells Special Oak. As you can see from the photos there is a compramise, as the lightness of the stain does not fully hide the variations between old and new boards. However, it does allow the floors to lighten up there room, while allowing some of the history & charactor of the floors to shine through

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