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7 Finger Parquet Restoration Comrie

These are the before and after photos of another floor restoration, sanding and finishing job successfully completed in Comrie Perthshire recently.

When we arrived the floor was in a pretty bad shape, with a number of loose fingers, water damage at the back door, and stains and scratches right across the floor.

We rebuilt the hatch and protected the underside with a damp proof membrane, stuck down any loose undamaged fingers and replaced a number of damaged fingers. We then went on to sand and fill any minor gaps between the fingers with the dust from the 80 grit sand and a product called mix and fill.

Because the floor covered a high traffic kitchen and hallway we primed the floor and then coated in a two part commercial lacquer.

Our client was overjoyed with the results and gave Citrus another 5 star google rating


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