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Oak Floor Restoration, Sanding & Lacquering

Where: Aberfeldy Perthshire ​Work Activities: Oak Floor Sanding & Lacquering If you have an oak floor that is looking patchy, dull and grey it may just need a professional sand to reveal its full beauty. This floor was a case in point, it was laid with no protection either oil or lacquer and therefore was simply to transform at half the cost of a standard sanding job. Depending on the original surface protection and the depth of any damage to the surface ie scratches and dents, one would usually have to start sanding a floor using 24 to 40 grit sanding pads. However, this floor having no such hard Lacquers or deep scratches to remove, we were able to start the sanding process using 60 grit pads for the initial cut. As there were only two more grads to run through, water pooping the floor after the 80 grit sand and finishing on 100 grit, we were able to prepare and apply the first two coats of lacquer in the first day. On the second day we turned to de-nibb the floor and apply the final coat. All turned around in a day and a half with very little disruption and thanks to our state of the art Dust Free Sanding Equipment, no dust.


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