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Marmoleum Floor Restoration Edinburgh


Have you got a Marmoleum floor that is now far beyond repair? Probably not, if it is discoloured with a build up of old polish and dirt we can strip it back and add new Polyurethane water layers.

If the floor is discoloured due to staining or as a result of a chemical reaction to a solution applied to the floor, no problem, we can clean it then recolour the floor to any RAL colour in the rainbow. If the floor is suffering from any of the above and also has cracks, we can repair the cracks, recolour the floor and add years to its life by add new polyurethane wear lays.

Finally if the floor is sound but you are looking to get a new coloured floor why go to the expense and hassle of replacing the floor your Citrus team can recolour it. No fuss, No mess, No hassle

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