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Floor Sanding & Staining in Edinburgh

13/2/2019 Work Activity: Oak Floor Dust Free Sanding & Staining ​Where: Edinburgh ​ ​Unfortunately as a result of a burglary while our clients were away on holiday, their lacquered wooden floors were trashed. Having gained access by smashing the french windows at the back of the house the culprits then proceeded to walk their glass encrusted muddy boots all over the wooden floors.

As an insurance job our task was to return the floors to their former glory. However, the owner with prior consent from the insurance company were able to take the opportunity to completely change the look of the floors by staining them. Citrus Flooring currently have access to over 60 stains to choose from, ranging from white to black. Our client wanted a black. NB There is no such thing as a pure black stain, it will either have a tint of brown or a tint of green in certain lights.

We gave our client the options using samples, but they still had to keep the faith. Having chosen black with a hint of green the first coat of stain proved to be scarily green. However, a further two coats resulted in two very happy clients and the results you can see from the photos

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