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Dust-free sanding of pine floor boards in Perth

Where: Perth

Work Activities: Dust Free Sanding of pine floor boards

This floor rates as one of the worst floors we have tackled, this is the lounge of a one bedroom flat in Perth’s city centre. The carpets had been ripped up to reveal pine floor boards that had some cupping and crowning, big splits in some of the boards and the floor was riddled with nails.

It took two men one full day to remove all the nails before we could start sanding. The floor was then levelled with the first cut of 24 grit sanding and then we went up the grades 40,60, 80 grit. The floors were then filled with a gap filling resin mixed with the 80 grit sanding dust and left to dry.

The following day the floors we’re sanded again with 80 grit pads then finished with 100 grit pads, before being water popped to open up the grain and check for any remaining scratches.

Three coats of extra touch two part commercial lacquer was then applied in a satin sheen to give the results seen.

Before and after photographs


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