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D.I.Y gone wrong - flagstone floor restoration

Flagstone floor restoration in Fowlis Wester, Crieff

Our customer used various types of finishes purchased from the local D.I.Y. store, unfortunately neither of them produced any successful results, leaving the floor with the mishmash of various shades of browny/red finishes. We were asked to strip back and clean the floor. Using our diamond encrusted brushes and specialist stone cleaning chemicals with a rotary machine, we cleaned off old topical seals, then used a colour enhancing impregnator to not only improve the colour, but also to protect the stone from within.

Before and after photographs

“After 17 years of harsh treatment, our kitchen flagstone floor needed TLC. Paul from Citrus worked his magic and the result exceeded our expectations. A good job done on time and budget.”

Mrs. Joan Ross


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