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Children’s Nursery

This popular children’s nursery in the Portobello district of Edinburgh saved thousands of pounds as a result of the team at Citrus being able to restore their marmoleum floors by cleaning them and adding a polyethylene satin wear layer to the floor negating the need to rip out the old tired looking floor and replacing it. Because it took so long to find an installer that would carry out the minor repairs prior to the overall restoration, our staff having spent a week down at Floorskills in Solihull learning the basic techniques, are now proficient in sub floor preparation, self levelling screeds and additives, vinyl welding, repairs and replacement.

Therefore the next time a client requires a vinyl floor restored and it has a few issues, like broken welds and small areas that are beyond repair and need replacing, the team at Citrus can offer this as a complete vinyl restoration service.


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