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75% off Vinyl flooring replacement

Where Perth 31/5/2019 If your budget will not stretch to a replacement floor or you are looking for a relatively cheep alternative to replacing stained vinyl floors, you could save in excess of 75% off the quoted replacement cost. Citrus flooring can potentially clean repair, recolour and protect the floors with layers of ani- colour polyurethane without the costs or upheaval of ripping out and replacing your existing floor covering.​ You can choose from the Ral colour chart vertically any colour in the rainbow and add various effects like glitter, wrap roller and coloured flacks ​Check out the transformation made in the gents toilets at Tisso outdoor experience store in Perth How to remove urine stains from vinyl floor in public restrooms 24/5/2019 When it comes to aiming at a urinal men are notoriously a bad shots, as a consequence over time floors become stained and unsightly. If the urine has been left to sock into the floors over months and years you will not be able to clean the stain. However, using The Dr Schutz products, Citrus can offer a time and cost effective solution backup by an internationally recognised companies 2 year guarantee. Citrus clean the floors to revolve and residual smell then recolour the floors to the clients desired colour then protect the floors with Dr Schutz anti colour polyurethane. Check out the results achieved at Tisso outdoor experience store in Perth This service is available throughout Scotland through our teams bases in Perth,Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow. For more information visit our Remake page on our website


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