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stone flooring

Travertine cleaning & restoration in Scotland

If you are looking for a Professional Travertine Floor Cleaning & Restoring service in Scotland, you have come to the right place. The team at Citrus Floor Care has been providing professional floor care services for over ten years and can offer you outstanding results.

When The Citrus Team restore your travertine floors to their former glory they will thoroughly transform them, while respecting your floor and property. From the moment you invite Citrus into your property, You will find our technicians are not only trained to national and international standards, they are also taught how to treat you and your staff with courtesy and respect. All this will provide you, a unique and unrivalled stone restoration experience, with the purpose of not only meeting, but also exceeding your expectations.

For minimum interruption to your business Citrus offers a 24/7 out of hours service using the latest state of the art equipment which reduces disruption to a minimum. We pride ourselves in providing the most environmentally friendly, odourless cleaning solutions minimising risk to staff customers and


You can also be reassured that before commencing any floors cleaning or restoration work, Citrus staff take great care in protecting all skirting and surfaces form any splash damage with the appropriate wraps, shields and guards.

We also provide free advice and free quotes.
Call your local office:

Perth Office 01738 551595 

Edinburgh Office 01312 853707

Dundee Office 01382 339629​ 
Glasgow Office 01413 780141 

Travertine is a form of limestone deposited by mineral hot springs and by its very nature has circular patterns on it and through it, formed by the air bubbles in the hot mud. In the cut stone these bubbles result in holes that are filled with resins when the stone is cut and therefore the fewer the holes, the better the quality of stone. Travertine is a beautiful stone and is used extensively on the continent and has become one of the most popular stones used for flooring in the UK.

Why have your Travertine floor cleaned?

When Travertine is used in bathrooms, kitchens hallways and reception areas the stone can become dull, etched, scratched and ingrained with dirt, having lost all shine and lustre. Now is the time to restore it and provide you with an unimaginable like new finish. Become the envy of your competitors and be correctly judged by your customers by having our craftsmen refinish, hone or polish your floors, removing old stains, dirt and scratched, restoring your cherished natural stone floor to a beautiful as new finish.

At Citrus Floor Care we specialise in restoring Travertine floors. From our Head Office & Training Centre in Perth we are ideally situated to service the whole of Scotland. Because we have installed a wide selection of natural stone floors at our training facility we are also able to offer a “try before you buy service” on all stone flooring.  This not only allows you to visit our operation in Perth, but also witness first hand the multistep process we use & choose the desired finish you require at no risk to you or your cherish floors.  All this is backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. As a result you can feel confidant and assured you’ve chosen the right company to care for your precious Travertine floors.

Don’t wait till your floors are so bad, thinking stone restoration has to be a capital expense that needs to be delayed until absolutely necessary. Keep your floors looking their best all the time with a Citrus maintenance contract, which will half the cost of a one off clean and spread the cost of maintenance cleans and annual deep cleans over the year, allowing you and your customers to appreciate beautifully clean floors all year round.

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