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Arabascato Marble Tiles

Arabascato Marble Tiles

Arabascato Marble Tiles, a classic Italian marble exhibiting thick black veins on a white background, synonymous with opulence and luxury. Arabascato goes with contemporary or traditional interiors and always looks fantastic.

This metamorphic rock is a type of limestone or dolomite, recrystallised with additional pressure and heat from the earth’s crust.
An huge array of colours are available from whites and greys through to brown, red, and even green! The conditions under which it was formed mean that often mineral veins are prominent in contrasting shades and colours.
Marble is, in general, extremely hard, with great compression strength, making it very long lasting if properly installed. Its mineral veining can mean that it lacks lateral strength and thus, care must be taken in installation to ensure it is fully bonded to substrates to ensure it lasts for many years.

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